Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Pink Wednesday Nicole by OPI Kim-pletely in Love

Today I have a polish for you that I recently picked up at Walmart. It's Nicole by OPI's Kim-pletely in Love from the new Kardashian collection called Kardashian Kolor. Now given her circumstances right now, I dont think that's true anymore but I know I'm in love with this color. It is a baby pink with very fine blue glitter. Now I see this polish as one that I will be wearing a lot so I think I will go back to get a back up of it. This is my first time using NOPI and I think the formula is great. It took 4 coats to get it semi-opaque but that's okay because I like the way it turned out.

1 comment:

  1. I haven't tried this one, but the gold glitter Disco Dolls, the blue/purple/green/teal glitter Kendall on the Katwalk and Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam are all 3 GORGEOUS as well!!