Monday, August 1, 2011

Toes of the Day: Julep Anne


Three weeks ago, I had never heard of Julep. Two weeks ago, I watched a Youtube video which had Julep polishes in it and I saw Anne and knew I had to have it. Julep is a nail salon that specializes in polishes, hand and foot care products. They recently started their website so we could enjoy the products as well. When you purchase polish off of the website, they donate $1 from each bottle to organizations that support women. How awesome is that? You buy a polish you want and support women. Its a win win situation.

Now I wont normally show my toes but, I just had to because this color is wonderful. The application was easy. I didnt have any trouble with the formula. I couldve done with only one coat but I normally do two so that's what I did. It looks like a neon purple without being a neon. This was just the right pop of color for my toes. Later on, I added white flowers on the big toes. I love the polish so much that I ordered another one in Maggie a few days ago and I received it today. Have you tried Julep polishes and if so which ones?


  1. What a beautiful color! And thanks for sharing about that brand! I always love to discover new brands of nail polish. :)

  2. I love that color, I'm anxiously waiting on my maven box.

  3. That is a really pretty purple color. I am waiting on my julep box.

  4. Oooohhhh! Was the video you saw by MissJENFabulous? Can I please see pics and swatches of Maggie, preferably on your hands? Thanks!