Sunday, July 24, 2011

Color Club Wicked Sweet Collection

A few days ago I went to Ross looking for stuff for my son's pre-k graduation and happened to wander into the beauty section :) and found these...
the color club wicked sweet minis. These are my first color clubs. This four pack was only $3.99. I love the bright colors and a plus is that theyre scented.

Get your Lem-On

Get your Lem-On is a highlighter yellow that smells smells like lemons but a sweet lemon to me if that makes since. This is 2 coats which I couldve done 3.

Yum Gum

Yum Gum is the perfect neon bubble gum pink and it smells like the original bubble yum :)

Wicked Sweet

Wicked Sweet is a neon blue with tealshimmers. I cant pinpoint this scent though...

Raspberry Rush

Raspberry Rush is my favorite out of these four. I love pink and the fact that its neon hot pink is awwweeesome :). Im wearing this color right now as I type and to be honest, I cant stop smelling my fingernails...Ive been smelling them all day. The scent remind me of skittles, mike & ikes, or jolly ranchers...I cant decide but it smells so good.

Hopefully, I can find the other ones soon because I would love to try those ones too.

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