Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The TraceFace Philes Giveaway

TraceFace Philes is having a "Because I Can" giveaway. You should definitely check it out. There are some awesome prizes. The giveaway ends on September 23, 2011. To check it out click here.

Pink Wednesday OPI DS Opulence

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have my fiance offer to buy me something at Ulta. One of the things I picked up was this lovely, OPI DS Opulence. Now from my understanding, these are hard to find. Ive never seen them at the Ulta that I frequent...this happened to be at a new Ulta that opened up a few months ago that's about 40 mins from where I live.

up close of the holos
Opulence is part of a collection called the Designer Series. All of these polishes contain diamond dust. The opi website calls it " Magnificent mauve
drenched in diamond". This is a beautiful semi holo polish and I keep putting my hand in the sunlight just to see the holos. You should go check your local Ultas. Mine only had a few more left, so I think I will be going back Friday to pick up the rest of them.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pink Wednesday China Glaze Naked

I know you all are going to think I'm crazy but I changed my mani today. :) I confess, I went into Sally's today. My intention was to pick up Strawberry fields but that spot was empty and I saw another beautiful pink but it didnt have a barcode on the bottom. Well I bought it anyway and did some research when I got home to find out what color it is and it's Naked...

OMG...when I look at this color, I think of a hot barbie pink. It has the slightest shimmer. I think this will now be added to my favorites. I can see myself wearing this one a lot. Maybe in a few more days I might use my Hello Kitty plate and add a picture on my nail. You should go pick this one up for sure.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

China Glaze Grape Juice

So this morning, I was sitting around thinking that it's time for me to change my polish and what do you know...i chose another purple. This time it's China Glaze Grape Juice. Now I love China Glaze. They have so many colors and I find myself always drawn to them everytime I go in Sally's...even if I'm not there for polish :). So on one of my trips to Sally's, I picked up Grape Juice. Grape Juice is from the Summer Days collection of 2009.

Can you say BEAUTIFUL! I really do have a thing for purples. It a beautiful purple with silver glitter. The formula is very easy to work with. This was two coats which is perfect. Now I'm off to go stare at my nails :) and possibly take a trip to Sally's to pick up some more China Glaze.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zoya Zara

I know I's been awhile since I made a post. Ive been a little busy because I just got a new job but I really wanted to come on here and talk about one of the polishes I bought during the recent Zoya promotion they had. The promotion was buy 1 Zoya(non spoon item) or Qtica product and get 2 polishes for free. Now this is one polish that Ive been wanting for the longest time now.

On the Zoya website Zara is described as "A vivid blue-toned light purple with strong golden duochrome shimmer." I am absolutely in love with this color.

I used 3 coats to achieve this look even though you can still see the VNL a little but I dont mind because I still think its pretty.I can really see the gold shimmer in the light. My Zoya collection is continuously growing and quite fast may I add. Check out Zoya because I know you will find a color...maybe a lot more :) that you like.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Toes of the Day: Julep Anne


Three weeks ago, I had never heard of Julep. Two weeks ago, I watched a Youtube video which had Julep polishes in it and I saw Anne and knew I had to have it. Julep is a nail salon that specializes in polishes, hand and foot care products. They recently started their website so we could enjoy the products as well. When you purchase polish off of the website, they donate $1 from each bottle to organizations that support women. How awesome is that? You buy a polish you want and support women. Its a win win situation.

Now I wont normally show my toes but, I just had to because this color is wonderful. The application was easy. I didnt have any trouble with the formula. I couldve done with only one coat but I normally do two so that's what I did. It looks like a neon purple without being a neon. This was just the right pop of color for my toes. Later on, I added white flowers on the big toes. I love the polish so much that I ordered another one in Maggie a few days ago and I received it today. Have you tried Julep polishes and if so which ones?